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Sex dating in dickeyville wisconsin

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For instance, in early 2010, then-businessman Johnson went to the Wisconsin State Capitol and testified against the “Child Victims Act,” a bill that would make it easier for victims of pedophiles to hold their abusers accountable.

The following are other instances of Ron Johnson’s failure to take sexual abuse of women and children seriously: Ron Johnson Previously Said ‘If It’s True’ in the Immediate Aftermath of the Moore Pedophilia News Johnson’s statements offered a qualified, “if it’s true” condemnation.

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He simply cannot just take her word for it.” Johnson Voted Against the Violence Against Women Act “In a statement Wednesday, GOP Sen.

Ron Johnson said he voted against re-authorizing the Violence Against Women Act because it contained “serious flaws,” including an “unconstitutional expansion of tribal authority.

His refrain is similar to those of numerous other male Republican colleagues responding to the stories from multiple women about the abhorrent behavior of Moore. Ron Johnson, his chief of staff and a Waukesha County GOP official were all told three years ago of allegations that a then-aide to the senator had been sexually assaulted by state Rep.

Ron Johnson Did Not Inform Law Enforcement After Being Told by Staff Member of Her Assault “U. Bill Kramer, but none of them took the matter to the police or Assembly leaders.” Johnson Questioned If Sexual Harassment Incident Occurred in US Senate “Republican Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson is not buying fellow Senator Kirsten Gillibrand’s recent claim that she was subject to sexual harassment and fat-shaming within the hallowed halls of the Senate. On the Newsmax TV show The Steve Malzberg Show, Johnson addressed Gillibrand’s remarks, saying that if she actually had been harassed, she should be able to name names.

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